The Tetriminos Light🎆 🔥NOW 60% OFF + FREE SHIPPING!📦

The Tetriminos Light🎆 🔥NOW 60% OFF + FREE SHIPPING!📦

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It’s A Real-Life Game Fun In Your Home


The Tetriminos Lights are the coolest around! When you stack the pieces on top of each other they light up in different colors and just remove them from each other then they will turn back off!🤩
If the pieces are touching, they’ll turn on like magic! It’s the perfect gift for any work desk, kid’s room, and of course any Tetris lovers out there!

Arrange the pieces however you want to. The choice is yours!

The Tetriminos Lights comes with 7 random pieces, the same shapes that are featured in the classic game Tetris. Arrange them how you like, stack them, build them, and have fun with it.

The Advantages of this Tetriminos Lamp:

  • Good Quality Mood Lamp Seriously awesome mood lamp! The 80s were a magical time for video games. Rekindle your love of clearing lines and nailing a Tetris with this officially licensed lamp.
  • Best Décor - It’s a real-life Tetris! And It’s a lamp! You can officially geek-out for the Tetris Lamp. As far as we’re concerned, it’s magic! Simply stack the pieces together and they illuminate. But when they’re removed from the tower, they turn off.
  • Perfect Gift An ideal gift for kids & friends. It would be the perfect décor light for your home. Ideal Gift for Birthday Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas decorations, and so on.


The Tetriminos Light comes with the seven tetrominoes featured in Tetris. As long as they’re touching each other, they will light up. So, go nuts! There are endless combinations to create.

Also a nice gift for friends. The unique tetrominoes can be used as a pendant or Christmas tree decoration.

The Tetriminos Light is an awesome decorative lamp and as well as a good toy for Tetris fans and children. You can DIY décor for your lights, assembled into different shapes. Please use your imagination!🤩



  • Type: LED Stackable Light
  • Material: PC + ABS
  • Input: AC 110 -220 50/60 HZ 150mA
  • Output: DC5 500 maH

Package included:

  • 7 x Interlocking Light Tetromino
  • 1 x 110-220 AC Adaptor