Windshield Snow Cover 🚖👍🏼GREAT SALE! UP TO 70% OFF!!!🌨 🌤

Windshield Snow Cover 🚖👍🏼GREAT SALE! UP TO 70% OFF!!!🌨 🌤

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❄️ Protect Your Front and Rear Windshield Against Snow Or Sun! 🌨 🌤

Say Goodbye to those hard days trying to get in your car and drive. No more frozen or burning hands. Buy this Premium Windshield Snow Cover Sunshade to protect your front and rear windshield against snow or sun. 

A perfect solution to protect wipers and windshield from Snow frost and Ice. This handy Windshield Cover is a full protection double-use windshield cover that you can use in the Heavy Snow Fall Winter Days and Shiny SummerTime.


Windshield Snow Cover Features:

  • Multi-Purpose: This amazing product shields you from the harsh effect of weather elements such as ice, frost, snow, sun, UV. No More Scraping. No more Frozen Wipers. Protect your wiper and windshield.  It can also be used as an outdoor picnic sheet, tent sleeping pad, baby crawling mat, and pet car seat cover. With this Windshield Cover, your car is ever ready-to-drive in any weather. 
  • Perfect Design: With the aid of 6 magnets, the windshield snow cover is firmly attached to the car and grips the snow car cover in place. With the Double deck packaging magnet, your vehicle is ever protected from scratches.
  • Easy to Install: Produced for ease and convenience. This windshield cover can be installed in few minutes as no tool and an extra hand is required.
  • Universal Size: Designed with a universal dimension to fit perfectly into Cars, Vans, Minivans, SUVs, MPVs, F250, F650.
  • Easy to store: The product is equipped with a special storage bag and folding compact. This way, it can be placed in the trunk or cab after use.


  • Size:210cm*120cm (length * width ), universal models
  • Material: Aluminium Film 
  • Color: One side silver, Another side black
  • There are 6 magnets on each product that are attached to the car's outer casing.

Quick installation:
  1. Spread the cover on your car windscreen,
  2. Let the magnetic edge firmly cover the car wipers area.
  3. Secure the flaps with the door closed.
  4. Secure it by attaching the bungee straps to your wheels.

  • Instant mirror visibility
  • Stretches over regular size mirrors, suitable for pickups
  • Pull string and security tab against theft
  • Suitable for all small, medium, and large vehicles
  • High quality and scratch-resistant material
THE WINTER ACCESSORY THAT WILL SAVE YOU HOURS! Keep your side view mirrors free from ice, snow, frost, birds, dust. Instant mirror visibility, Removes in seconds, Pull the string, and security tab against theft. No longer break your nails or credit cards scraping ice off your tiny mirrors. Each mitt comes with a security tab you can place inside to door to prevent theft. Features ▪ Water Proof ▪ Machine Washable ▪ Quick and easy installation



  • 1 x Premium Windshield Snow Cover Sunshade
  • 1 x Storage bag